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NIPPYNumber of Interest Payments per Year
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He also committed that the government will work with the People of the Nippy Town community to guarantee that toilet facilities are rehabilitated or built.
But she is also so determined to set the record straight about her beautiful Nippy that she decided to write this book.
MEET the nippy Ecuadorian who can bend it like Beckham
Moist and tasty, with both rum and brandy contributing to that traditional nippy flavour
But they're more than that: Both are capable of recording MPEG-4 video at a very nippy 30 flames per second--so your whole family doesn't end up looking like Charlie Chaplin, as they will on many cameras--and by using the company's DIGA DVD recorders, you can transfer recorded TV programs over to the little D-Snaps and play them back on the move.
Some of the ladies, called Nippies because they were nippy on their feet, served royalty at Palace garden parties before the war.
First, their manager -- the nippy former French international winger Jean Tigana -- makes his own wine.
The nippy morning air has descended once again, announcing the beginning of Autumn.
The raccoon climbed from his bed and headed out, with Nippy and Zippy right behind.
Mammals, by contrast, rev up their metabolic rate in a nippy environment to keep their body temperature toasty.
For a great way to ring in spring when the weather's still a bit nippy, how about a spring fling brunch your friends and family will never forget?
5-inch, 720p screen and a nippy Snapdragon 400 CPU, despite sporting a sub-PS150 PAYG price tag.