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NIPRNational Institute of Polar Research (Japan)
NIPRNational Insurance Producer Registry
NIPRNon-Secure Internet Protocol Router
NIPRNew Ideas in Pollution Regulation (publication)
NIPRNortheast Indiana Public Radio (Fort Wayne, IN)
NIPRNigerian Institute of Public Relations
NIPRNot Including Primary Residence (market analysis)
NIPRNorthern Ireland Publications Resource (Belfast, Ireland)
NIPRNational Index of Parish Registers (genealogy)
NIPRNational Industrial Plant Reserve
NIPRNet Inlet Pressure Required (pump)
NIPRNaval Intelligence Products Register
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Those with $5 million or more in net worth NIPR rose to 1.
It is a good idea to set up in Outlook an auto signature that includes your name, rank, title, NIPR and SIPR and phone numbers.
The NIPR emerged in the context of South Africa's particular process of industrialization - a process that came late, was rapid, and occurred under conditions that excluded most of the country's inhabitants from economic and political power.
Though the majority of carriers have adapted to working with NIPR, most internal process steps are manual, and the process steps are etched in an employee's memory.
What is the correct process for obtaining the necessary DoD approvals for network connectivity for NIPR and SIPR?
The easier we can make it for them to get licensed, at least in the 50 states, is good," said Allen, who also serves on the NIPR board.
For electronic correspondence, the generic NIPR e-mail address has changed to <leon.
19, point to as indicators of success include the fact that, in an effort to address privacy concerns and move away from state specific licensing numbers, 47 states have moved away from the use and disclosure of Social Security numbers and have implemented, through NIPR, the use of a National Producer Number (NPN).
The data would be available instantly to anyone having NIPR access to the JPTA, so field surgeons and commanders could track and review medical profiles more accurately.
I am truly honoured by the recognition, especially because its from the professional body of public relations in Nigeria, NIPR (Lagos Chapter) and considering the fact that I started my agency with no formal training in public relations, it feels amazing to be recognised for my work leading LSF|PR.
These enhancements to VUE Software's direct integration with the NIPR enables modern straight-through processing for clients.
units rely on a text-only intelligence summary that is easily shared and downloaded by units with limited access to digital information using an HP-2C/185 CPN or a SIPR/ NIPR Access Point (SNAP) terminal.