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NIPRNETUnclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network (US DoD)
NIPRNETNon Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
NIPRNETNon-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (US DoD)
NIPRNETNon-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (US DoD)
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DCS is available to all Common Access Card holders on NIPRNet and all SIPRNet Hardware Token holders on SIPRNet, allowing users to communicate and share information in a secure forum.
forces to deploy with SIPRNet, NIPRNet, and a mission network capability to connect with potential partners.
Watching AFN on your desktop is a nice break since it gives you something different to look at other than secure network or niprnet traffic."
As more warfighter requirements move to Internet protocol, DISA will continue to ensure that the NIPRNet and SIPRNet are sufficiently sized to meet those needs.
The most common problem we encountered was getting computers that were on the NIPRNet to communicate with computers that were on the VSAT network.
Residing on both the unclassified NIPRNET and the classified SIPRNET computer systems, it is at the leading edge of information presentation and has been noted for both its convenient user accessibility and its breadth of information regarding security cooperation activities.
The RFI form is also found on the Secure Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET) and is used in the same manner as the Nonsecure Internet Protocol Network (NIPRNET) RFI system.
However, WESS interfaces only with the NIPRNET. So, if you prepare a report using WESS-DS and don't have NIPRNET connectivity, you need to copy the two attachments and send them to us via SIPRNET.
If Internet connectivity is unavailable, customers can use nonsecure Internet protocol router network (NIPRNET) e-mail to <> or secure Internet protocol router network (SIPRNET) e-mail to <>.
The classified side is SIPRNET, which stands for Secure Internet Protocol Routed Network, while NIPRNET is the Non-secure Internet Protocol Routed Network, the unclassified side that connects to the Internet.