NIRADNon-Insulin Requiring Autoimmune Diabetes
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Spoletini et al., "GADA titer-related risk for organ-specific autoimmunity in LADA subjects subdivided according to gender (NIRAD study 6)," Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol.
Bhutto also agreed with Nirad's argument and stated in the National Assembly, "American military assistance to Pakistan had been "colossal" It maintained a balance of power in the Subcontinent, it prevented India from daring to pursue an adventurism policy toward Pakistan"(Dawn,1974).
doc maker John Akomfrah, Finnish director Lasse Naukkarinen and Indian director Nirad Mohapatra.
Later fervent immersions in such translated classics as the Upanishads or the Bhagavad-Gita or The Ocean of Story or--yes, I admit it!--the Kama Sutra, complicated and, so to speak, deepened my fantasies, and these in turn were nuanced by such modern Indian authors as Tagore, Narayan, Nirad Chaudhuri, and others.
No reference is made to the opposing views of Nirad Chaudhuri.
(1) More recently, Chattopadhyay has been called "creator of Hindu nationalism" by the late Nirad Chaudhuri (Autobiography 1951, 188).
Given this range and complexity and given the political nature of the subject which has produced the writings of Gandhi, Tagore, Nirad C.
Literary Occasions gathers together some of Naipaul's essays about writing, mixing autobiographical pieces, prefaces to his own novels, and his Nobel Prize speech with articles on Conrad, Kipling, Nirad Chaudhuri, and other Indian writers.
Rushdie thus provides us with four versions of cultural "translation," as he calls it, examples of: (1) the English sahib, fashioned, as Chamcha himself admits, in the mold of Nirad Chaudhri or V.
OXFORD: Nirad C Chaudhuri, the Indian-born author and scholar who was acclaimed abroad but scorned at home, died in England yesterday.
Flora Crewe Susan Gibney Coomaraswami Steven Anthony Jones Nazrul/Questioner Dileep Rao Eleanor Swan Jean Stapleton Eldon Pike Ken Grantham Nirad Das Art Malik Anish Das Firdous Bamji David Durance David Conrad Dilip Anil Kumar Englishman Brian Keith Russell Englishwoman Kathryn Crosby Resident Tom Blair Club Servant Amir Talai Rajah/Politician Shelly Desai Rajah's Servant Anil Kumar Nell Roxanne Raja Eric Christopher Rydman With: Roxanne Raja, Adriana Sevan, Adam Suleman.