NIRCAMNear Infrared Camera
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The NIRCam will be used to take test images of objects in space to determine how much they need to adjust each of the telescope's 18 primary mirror segments.
"NIRCam has a special filter wheel that can select, or filter, specific optical elements that are used during the coarse phasing process.
Then, they will use NIRCam to take 18 out-of-focus images of that star - one from each mirror segment.
NIRCam has to work in order for the James Webb Space Telescope to work, said Alison Nordt, NIRCam program manager at Lockheed Martin.
NIRCam performed better than requirements in the recent tests at ultra-cold cryogenic temperatures.
Lockheed Martin delivered NIRCam to NASA in March 2014 to be installed into the ISIM.
Also, the company said that it will oversee the optical, mechanical, structural, thermal and electronic precision mechanisms and the control software of the NIRCam, while its advanced infrared detector arrays will come from Teledyne Imaging Systems.
NIRCam performed significantly better than requirements during the first integrated, cryogenic testing program at Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland.
NIRCam s performance is essential to the telescope s success.
As the space telescope's prime camera, NIRCam will make JWST the most powerful space telescope ever built, enabling it to peer deeper into space and further back in time than any other instrument before.
It is the cosmic redshift that has moved the outputs of these first light sources into the infrared where NIRCam operates.
NIRCam's delivery to Goddard Space Flight Center marks the first time all of James Webb's instruments have come together.