NIRDNational Institute for Rural Development (India)
NIRDNational Institute of Respiratory Diseases (Mexico)
NIRDNew Iberia Recreation Department (New Iberia, LA)
NIRDNon-Insulin-Requiring Diabetes
NIRDNormalized In-Range Display
NIRDNon-Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease
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The Motto of the Mela is to attract the Urban Youth and Creating Awareness on crafts and Arts for Rural Development.The Director General further said that a Film Festival on Rural Development will be organised by NIRD& PR for two days from November 24th and 25th, 2016 at NIRD &PR Campus.
Si el estado nutricional de la hembra al parto es adecuado se espera una condicion corporal (CC) de 2,5 a 3,5 (Escala NIRD 1 al 5) [10, 15, 51, 62], con ello no deberian existir limitaciones de los depositos energeticos que afecten el desarrollo folicular postparto.
For the construction of plasmid pETDuetnirDLGHJEN containing the genes nirD, nirL, nirG, nirH, nirJ, nirE, and nirN from Pseudomonas aeruginosa the DNA fragment containing all seven genes was amplified by PCR with the primers NirDLGHJEN_NdeI_fw (G GAG CGA [CAT] GAC GAC CTC TCC) and NirDLGHJENThpnLbw (GAC [GGT] TCA GTG CGA GGT TCC) using plasmid pHAE2 [11] as the template.
In conclusion: No significant differences between the groups was found in the prevalence of most chronic diseases, except for higher rates of skin nevi and NIRD among Dead Sea residents.
Significantly, in terms of economic poverty, the north- eastern states are better off than many other states in the country, according to the NIRD study.
(22.) The Punjab Heritage, 2007, Available from: http://,html, accessed on September 5, 2007.
CORD CORD was established by the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD).
It aims to break the land-caste based controls, guarantee access to technology and credit, and create conditions for maximum production and marketable surplus, all so necessary for rural transformation." NIRD, India: Rural Development Report 1999, p.
A major concern is the implementation of two anti-poverty programs for which the Village Panchayats are responsible: the Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY) and the Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP).(79) Drawing largely upon the fieldwork carried out by researchers at the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, as well as from our own survey in selected villages of Uttar Pradesh (UP), some useful insights are obtained.(80) Briefly, far from empowering the poor, the Panchayats have not even smoothed their formal participation.(81)
TSIC organised the event in collaboration with innovation partners including NIRD, Palle Srujana, Inqui-lab Foundation, CIPS and CREYA.
The components and the objectives of the water policy could not be achieved as a study conducted by NIRD, Hyderabad has found inadequate people's participation; poor legal provisions and penalties; inadequate anticipation of the problems of transition related to transfer of operation and maintenance activities; and no collaboration between Panchayats and NGOs in the rural water supply.