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NIREXNuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive (UK; now Nirex Limited)
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There was a concern that Nirex had prioritized local support over safety.
United Kingdom Radioactive Waste Inventory: Main Report, DEFRA/RAS/05.002, Nirex Report N/090, October 2005.
Nirex, set up to manage the UK's intermediate level radioactive wastes, said the proposed programme of waste burial was abandoned in 1997.
Emmet Stagg led the Irish government's campaign and in co-operation with environmental and anti-nuclear groups, we managed to stop the Nirex project dead in its tracks.
A new Nirex drilling project to 1,600 m has been undertaken at Sellafield, Cumbria, England, plus a slightly shallower hole at Dounreay in Scotland.
YOU wrote (Post, April 17) of Rhun ap Iorwerth AM and indeed Anglesey Council themselves proclaiming loudly how they will never allow NIREX (The Nuclear Waste Executive) aka The Department of Energy & Climate Change, ever to dump nuclear waste on Anglesey.
25 years ago NATIONAL Park bosses feared that workings at Boulby Potash mine could be earmarked as a nuclear waste dump by the Government agency Nirex. Boulby mine was a natural choice for such a dump because of its extreme depth.
In the past, proposals by the UK Government's radioactive waste management body Nirex have met stiff resistance from local communities.
Two sites in Long Marston and others at Bearley, Bramcote, Gaydon Airfield, Hams Hall, near Coleshill, Wroxhall, Kineton, Kingsbury, Lawford Heath, Wedgnock, near Warwick, and Wellesbourne were among 500 sites identified 16 years ago by nuclear waste management firm Nirex.
Twelve possible sites in Warwickshire for the burial of nuclear waste are among scores of locations identified throughout the country by Nirex.
Toxic civil servants tried to bounce Miliband into withdrawing the independence of waste body Nirex.
However, waste management firm Nirex, which compiled the original list on behalf of the Government, has said no sites can be ruled in or out.