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For the construction of plasmid pETDuetnirDLGHJEN containing the genes nirD, nirL, nirG, nirH, nirJ, nirE, and nirN from Pseudomonas aeruginosa the DNA fragment containing all seven genes was amplified by PCR with the primers NirDLGHJEN_NdeI_fw (G GAG CGA [CAT] GAC GAC CTC TCC) and NirDLGHJENThpnLbw (GAC [GGT] TCA GTG CGA GGT TCC) using plasmid pHAE2 [11] as the template.
This reaction is catalyzed by enzymes (AhbA and AhbB) that are homologous to the heme [d.sub.1] biosynthesis enzymes NirD, NirL, NirG, and NirH which catalyze the same reaction during heme [d.sub.1] formation in denitrifying bacteria such as Paracoccus pantotrophus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa [6].
When recombinant NirD, NirL, NirG, and NirH from P.