NIRKNational Independent Rottweiler Klub (club; San Francisco, CA)
NIRKNetwork for Ichthyoses and Related Keratinization
NIRKNederlandsch Indische Rode Kruis (Dutch: Netherland Indian Red Cross)
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Also, community diversity may be underestimated due to the type of primers used, since denitrifier communities related to nirS primers are less phylogenetically diverse compared with the communities related with the nirK or nosZ primers (Philippot et al., 2009).
A preliminary analysis using a subset of samples indicated nirK abundance (assessed via qPCR following Mosier and Francis [41]) was very low ([10.sup.1]-[10.sup.3] copies per g dry weight of soil) and showed no significant plant or site effects; consequently, our analyses focused on nirS.
Francis, "Diversity, abundance and expression of nitrite reductase (nirK)-like genes in marine thaumarchaea," The ISME Journal, vol.
Linking [N.sub.2]O emission from biochar-amended composting process to the abundance of denitrify (nirK and nosZ) bacteria community, Amb Express 6(37): 1-9.
Finally, the nirK, nrfA, and nrfH encoding nitrite reductase enzymes are conserved in C.
The Slice folder is another variation on the NIRK theme, but this version of the folder is downright atomic.
Zhou, "Molecular diversity and characterization of nitrite reductase gene fragments (nirK and nirS) from nitrate- and uraniumcontaminated groundwater," Environmental Microbiology, vol.
De la misma forma, se analizaron genes funcionales en ecosistemas de la Antartida, donde se detecto mayor presencia de genes para fijacion de nitrogeno (nifH) en los terrenos cubiertos por vegetacion a frente terrenos desnudos (Yergeau et al., 2007), mientras que la alta presencia de genes de desnitrificacion (nirK y narG) se relaciono con el aumento de temperatura.
She was sister of the late Ruth Goulet, Eva Nyquist, Gertrude Nirk, Charles Racicot, and Louis Racicot.
"A lot of the large-scale construction lenders--mainly the national money-center banks--have shut down," says Richard Nirk, executive director of the National Association of Residential Construction Lenders (NARCL), Greenwood Village, Colorado.
According to Richard Nirk, executive director of the National Association of Residential Construction Lenders, such a temp-to-perm loan program offers builders several advantages.