NIROLNavy Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives List
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Tenders are invited for reconstruction of box bridge and 1_00m span slab culvert at 1st kmp of nirol khatundidanga road under ramjibanpur highway sub_division of burdwan highway division no_ iii pwroads directt burdwan during the year 2015_2016 _non_plan
Tenders are invited for signing Rate Contract for supply of following Cleaning Material:- Washing Powder (Nirma/ Wheel/Rin) 18.00 Quintal,Soda Ash 18.00 Quintal,Indigo (Neel) powder based 01.00 Quintal,Bleaching Powder 90 Kg,Washing Soap (Nirol) Approx100 pc,Hand Washing Soap (cake) 125 gm,Duster (30 x 30 ) cloth ,Poacha (36 x36 ) ,Phenyl (White) 5 lit pack 600 litre,Phenyl (Black) 5 lit pack
Tenders are invited for post five year maintenance work of pmgsy road from nirol to dakshindihi package no.