NIRSNear Infrared Spectroscopy
NIRSNear-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
NIRSNuclear Information and Resource Service
NIRSNational Institute on Retirement Security (Washington, DC)
NIRSNational Institute of Radiological Science
NIRSNoise Integrated Routing System (aviation)
NIRSNational Information and Reporting System
NIRSNational Informatics Recognition System
NIRSNational Irrigation Research Station (Zambia)
NIRSNavy Implementation for Raster Scanning
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In fact, even NIR instrument manufacturers, who love to sell equipment, will admit that for some methods (blend uniformity), less than one percent API is not suitable; something such as light-induced fluorescence is better.
Researchers from RaySearch and NIRS will explore areas such as biological modeling of ion-beam irradiation and dose fractionation, robust beam delivery and plan optimization algorithms.
The NIRS technique made it possible to rapidly estimate, in less than 1 minute, the moisture and oil content in different formulations of chicken nuggets.
Additionally, the NIRS notes, “A comparison of a 2008 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics with the 2016 National Compensation Study shows that private sector participation in DB plans dropped substantially from 76% of full-time employees in 1986 to 15% in 2016, yet public employee participation in DB plans dropped only from 93% of full-time employees in 1986 to 75% in 2016.”
NIRS, a research group that favors pension plans, pointed to Washington state, whose default retirement plan is a combination DB/DC plan.
NIRS is an emerging neuroimaging modality that records the cortical hemodynamic response based on changes in local optical transmission as measured by pairs of near-infrared light sources and detectors placed on the scalp surface [20].
Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has been proposed as a potential method to analyze different properties in live animals and humans, as infrared light penetrates living tissues [4, 6-9].
We performed a pilot BAT study on two small groups of lean and overweight adult women using both NIRS and IRT.
"We analyzed the data obtained from both the analytical chemistry technique and NIRS," Johanningsmeier says.
En este trabajo se discute el uso de la tecnologia espectroscopica de reflectancia en el infrarrojo cercano (NIRS) como una alternativa a los metodos tradicionales de laboratorio para el analisis del grado de degradacion del material de construccion en monumentos de interes cultural, con la ventaja de ser un metodo rapido y no destructivo que requiere poca o nula preparacion de la muestra.
To this end, the present study aims to evaluate the potential of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to quickly and accurately characterize the fiber properties of wood samples.
By using NIRS together with an appropriate calibration model, it is possible to predict the dissolution of tablets accurately and within a matter of minutes.