NIRTNorthamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust (UK)
NIRTNanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams
NIRTNational Incident Response Team (Federal Reserve System)
NIRTNuclear Incident Response Team (US DHS)
NIRTNational Iranian Radio Television
NIRTNetwork Infrastructure Release Testing (Cingular)
NIRTNational Inquiry Response Team
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Much of the successful containment of NIRT has been achieved through the use of covert human intelligence sources or "agents." (51) MI5 regards agents as the "most significant information gathering assets" at its disposal.
5144] Response capabilities authorized, including control of Nuclear Incident Response Team (NIRT), National Response Plan (NRP), and National Incident Management System (NIMS).
Historically near-infrared technology (NIRT) has been referred to as the red-headed stepchild on a crowded block of legitimate spectroscopies.
Since the first demonstration showing that NIRT could be used for determining the water content of dense light scattering materials, researchers have been fascinated with this tool with its four intrinsic advantages:
The notched Izod impact strength at room temperature, NIRT (J/m), is listed next.
However, the data in Table 4 show that the addition of organoclay increased the NIRT values.
A seventh capability, the Nuclear Incident Response Team (NIRT), is organized, equipped, and trained by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency and operates, as directed by the DHS Secretary, as an organizational unit of EPR.
* supporting NIRT through standards, training exercises, and the provision of funds;
Having now been in the military 10 years, Cpl French was asked to join NIRT because of his specific qualification in rock climbing and other relevant skills.
HIPS comprising elastomeric particles with diameter d = 0.2 [[micro]meter] had relatively high notched Izod impact strength at room temperature, NIRT, that decreased with increasing PS content.