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NISANuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (Japan)
NISANet Income Stabilization Account (Canadian farm aid program)
NISANippon Individual Savings Account (Japan)
NISANational Invasive Species Act of 1996
NISANetwork Integrated Systems Architecture (HBD)
NISANational Information Society Agency (South Korea)
NISANational Industrial Sand Association
NISANetwork Infrastructure Services Agency (US DoD; formerly Single Agency Manager)
NISANegocios Informáticos SA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
NISANorthern Independent Supermarket Association (UK)
NISANational Independent Supermarket Association (UK)
NISANational Intelligence & Security Agency (Philippines)
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They also held Harma, Eilesium, and Erythrae; and they had Eleon, Hyle, and Peteon; Ocalea and the strong fortress of Medeon; Copae, Eutresis, and Thisbe the haunt of doves; Coronea, and the pastures of Haliartus; Plataea and Glisas; the fortress of Thebes the less; holy Onchestus with its famous grove of Neptune; Arne rich in vineyards; Midea, sacred Nisa, and Anthedon upon the sea.