NISACNational Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center
NISACNational Industrial Security Advisory Committee
NISACNational Independent Study Accreditation Council (Sylmar, CA)
NISACNational Information Security Assessment Center
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The 2017 and 2018 NISTEC and NISAC winners will represent Nissan Middle East in the Global Skills Contest that will take place next October.
The list of contestants included Riyad Tanfos, Ayub Al Rabet, and Mohamed Al Nazlawy in the NISTEC category; Nabiha Hassan, Mohamed Hussein, and Tarek Mufty in the NISAC category; and Saber Faizy, Amr Sadeq, and Nayla Khalid in the NIPEC category.
The final results of the contest were announced at the closing ceremony, where Mohamed Al Nazlawy from Egypt won the NISTEC award, Tarek Mufty from Morocco topped the NISAC category, and Nayla Khalid from Sudan secured first place in the NIPEC contest.
At the last NISAC and NISTEC held at Nissan Middle East, Dubai, 35 participants from 13 MENA countries participated and contested for the top slot.
SBA bagged the Gold (First Prize) and the Bronze (Third Prize) in the NISAC, and also won prizes for telephone handling and vehicle delivery processes in the individuals categories.
Displaying exceptional quality of expertise, the winners of this year's contests under NISTEC were Shamon Paul(Gold), Aneesh Antony(Silver), Kiran Swaminathan (Bronze) followed by Mohammed Ghouse Alauddin (Gold), Mohammed El Homsani (Silver) and Jayesh K.P (Bronze) under NISAC. Under the categories of NIPEC and NISEC, the achievers were Akhil Thykkoth (Gold), Ranju Krishnan (Silver) and Sadik Aboobakker (Bronze) and Rami Salah Osman (Gold), Emad Abdullah (Silver) and Jalal Mguildi (Bronze) respectively.
(26) The NISAC was established in the USA PATRIOT Act (P.L.
NISAC: National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center
In the case of the NISAC program, the technical adjustment reducing the budget for that program by nearly $4 million was attributed to the completion of facility construction and resulting redirection of funds to other programs and activities.
In regard to critical infrastructure protection the Act transfers the following agencies and offices: the NIPC (except for the Computer Investigations and Operations Section), CIAO, FedCIRC, the National Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC), (23) other energy security and assurance activities within DOE, and the National Communication System (NCS).