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At least in modern Arabic as represented in the Langenscheidt Arabic-German dictionary (Kropfitsch 2005), the nisba suffix, apart from relations also considered as typical for relational adjectives in the prevalent linguistic tradition, can also express material, possession and resemblance, as can be seen in table 1, whose examples are representative of dozens of similar formations (-a:ni: is an "intensive" variant of the nisba suffix; cf.
traduction : << Nisba en relation avec Magra, village entre Kairouan et le Zab>> (11).
Sin embargo, muchas familias se conocen por su nisba o su origen etnico o geografico.
Geertz tells of the Arabic nisba that ascribes a classification--by occupation, by religious sect, by place (tribe, region, town, family)--to an individual, by attachment to his personal name.
Fourth, nisba, indicating one's native place of birth, residence or origin or membership of a religious allegiance and the like, for example, Al Shammari, Al Harbi.
Other outstanding achievements at Park Hall Academy included Nisba Bi, Holly Commander, Charlotte Oakley, Sophie Rigby and Sophie Bennett, who each achieved the equivalent of three straight A grades in their BTEC children's care, learning and development course, along with Gemma Berrigan who gained the equivalent of two A grades in creative media production, Chloe Freeman and Ashley Walters in uniformed public services and Josiah Seaton in sport and exercise science.
(14) Al-Barnawi's nisba of Barnawi (the Bornoan) indicates that either he or his descendants are from Borno.
Another left by Nisba Loreen Bint Mahmood said: "Just attended the funeral - so sad."
Idris, the military commander, poet, and musician, who died at Baghdad between 225/840 and 228/843.4 The nisba al-'Ijli in this document appears to have been added at a later date, probably in order to distinguish this Abu Dulaf from the later Miscar b.
(37) Al-Barnawi's nisba of Barnawi (The Bornoan) indicates he is either from Borno or his descendants are from Borno.