NISKNorsk institutt for skogforskning (Norwegian Institute for Forest Research)
NISKNorsk Irsk Setter Klubb
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Hoya Nisk the Director-General of the Chinese Center for Economic Cooperation of the Foreign Relations Department of the Chinese Communist Party.
Hoya Nisk, has stressed on the increase of the economic cooperation and its success, and the encouragement of the Chinese companies to invest in the Sudan and the creation of partnerships with the Sudanese private sector, pointing to the increase of the volume of trade and economic exchanges between the two countries.
Monarques mineral assets consist of 1,313 map designated claims divided in 10 properties known as Admiral, Arques, Bourier, Caumont, Dumulon, Duval, Lemare, Nisk, Rosebay, and Valiquette.
At the 1988 meeting in Norway, Schneider met a Norwegian forester and researcher from the Norwegian Institute of Forest Technology (NISK).