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NISPNumber of Identified Specimens (also seen as Number of Individual Specimens)
NISPNational Industrial Security Program
NISPNational Industrial Symbiosis Programme (UK)
NISPNumber of Individual Specimens (also seen as Number of Identified Specimens)
NISPNeutron Instrument Simulation Package
NISPNational Individual Security Program
NISPNuclear Information Systems Project (United Kingdom)
NISPNutrition Services Incentive Program (formerly Nutrition Program for the Elderly)
NISPNetwork Information Service Plus (extension of NIS)
NISPNavy Integrated Space Program
NISPNUWEP (Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy) Intelligence Support Plan (US DoD)
NISPNo Immediate State Prison (criminal justice)
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Indonesia-based private lender OCBC NISP has said that it has decided not to pay dividends to shareholders in order to maintain profits.
Other modifications were visible (Table 3): fissures (NISP = 7), exfoliation (NISP = 9), perforation (NISP = 7) on the surface of certain cranial bones and vertebrae (Fig.
This is described in the reports of NISP which reads, "The threat of transnational terrorism is rearing its head again.
The bond programme and bonds issued under the first tranche of the programme are rated at the same level as OCBC NISP's National Long-Term Rating in accordance with Fitch's criteria.
An approved NISP 2018-23 document, highlighting Madrassa Reforms, has revealed that registration and regularization of madaris in a uniform manner in all provinces will be ensured.
The NISP draft for 2018-2023 has also assigned regional connectivity as one of its main pillars.
The NISP is the product of multiple roundtables, interviews, a brief literature review and a national conference on internal security.
The NISP report calculated a total loss of $123 billion over the past five years due to terrorism, with KP and Balochistan suffering heavily.
To achieve the objectives and vision of NISP 2018-2023 the policy has a 6R strategy (re-imagine, reconcile, redistribute, recognise, regional approach and reorient facets of the State and how it interfaces with its citizens).
The 2014 NISP had been formulated with a four-year horizon, and the NISP 2018-2023 takes forward the previous policy by incorporating both the lessons learnt over the past few years and the updated security profile of Pakistan which has seen new dangers such as Daesh as older ones have been successfully controlled.
In a report submitted by NISP Project Team under Director John D.