NISPOMNational Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
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In NISPOM's shadow, the rules are made contractually.
As a first step, the company's existing policies and procedures relevant to insider threats should be reviewed for compliance with NISPOM.
person employed by a foreign incorporated subsidiary of a company incorporated in the United States must be treated as a "foreign person" for purposes of access to information controlled by both the ITAR and the NISPOM. Although there does not appear to be any specific guidance in the EAR, it is recommended that for due diligence purposes, the same consideration is given to information controlled by the EAR as for ITAR-controlled information.
The contractor shall establish procedures to ensure that foreign visitors are not afforded access to classified information and other export-controlled technical data except as authorized by an export license, approved visit request, or other exemption to the licensing requirements (NISPOM Paragraph 10-507d).
These orders tend to exceed the requirements of the NISPOM.
These DSS regulations can be found in a publication called the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).
The requirements of the Department of Justice's industrial security program are changing as the Industrial Security Manual (ISM) is replaced with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).