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The avian hypothalamus is not well recognized because of the lack of clear boundaries delineated by Nissl staining [10].
In the vehicle-treated NMO group, significant neuronal loss (Figures 8(b) and 8(d)) was also observed in the CNS of the vehicle-treated NMO rats, especially at 8 weeks pi (Figure 8(d)) when compared to control rats (Figure 8(a)), as shown by Nissl staining (Figures 8(a)-8(e)).
C, However, it is possible that neurons have an intrinsic pink-beige color that could be derived from the Nissl substance, catecholamines, or other compounds, as is also shown in the similar color shared by, a pheochromocytoma (D) and a ganglioneuroma (E) with the fresh brain cortex.
There was reduction of Nissl substance in all the test groups with chromatolytic appearance throughout the cortical layers.
To determine the effects of MDSC on spinal cord tissue, a Nissl staining was performed.
In normal neuronal nuclei, there are numerous Nissl bodies that are associated with the nutritional condition of neurons, and the quantity of Nissl bodies are often used to indicate the neural state [43].
For cell counting, we defined neurons as circular cell bodies with an evident nucleus revealed by the Nissl technique.
Figure 10 shows the registered Nissl stained slices (a), OCT images (b), and overlap of the segmented neurons found in layer II, delineated on the Nissl and OCT images by the lines (c) for the six tissue samples studied: green for Nissl, red for OCT, and yellow for the overlap.
Rats were categorized into two groups: group I (n = 6) for morphometric analysis with Nissl stain and group II (n = 6) for immunohistochemical analysis using peripherin antibody.
When the experiments were completed, the animals were killed by an overdose of the default anesthetic and the position of each subcortical electrode was checked on Nissl stained sections of the brain.