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NISTNational Institute of Standards & Technology (US)
NISTNational Institute of Science and Technology
NISTNew International School of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
NISTNairobi International School of Theology (Kenya)
NISTNational Intelligence Support Team
NISTNetwork Information Security & Technology News (online resource)
NISTNonproliferation & International Security Technology Division
NISTNucleus Interstitialis Striae Terminalis (biology)
NISTNeighborhood Integrated Service Team (various locations)
NISTNecrotizing Infections of Soft Tissues (bacteriology)
NISTNeoplastic Inappropriate Secretion of TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone)
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Recommendation: To improve the management of NIST interagency agreements and provide reasonable assurance that NIST is efficiently using its resources and complying with applicable fiscal laws, the Secretary of Commerce should direct the NIST Director to help ensure efficient, effective deployment of NIST's workforce and be a responsible steward of federal resources, hold senior management accountable for strategically managing its interagency agreements.
Still, the NIST results are "a breakthrough," he adds, because the mercury clock's uncertainty of measurement is so tiny.
The NIST primary force standards consist of six machines for applying discrete forces generated by stainless steel deadweights, spanning a range of 44 N to 4.
We believe that all businesses dependent on microtechnology, nanotechnology, and miniaturization will benefit from our proposed program and we applaud the NIST ATP for having the foresight to stimulate the growth of this crucial and emerging technology.
The database also employs data authentication to assure users that spectral files are unaltered and traceable to NIST.
Future directions for NIST-AspenTech cooperation include dynamic linking of the NIST TDE and AspenTech's process modeling technology, expansion to growth technologies like pharmaceuticals and biofuels, and the incorporation of complex high-level computational methods, such as molecular simulation.
About the authors: Within the Organic Chemical Metrology Group of the Analytical Chemistry Division in the NIST Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory, D.
Once the blasters were convinced, however, the NIST team began accompanying blasters all over the nation, beginning with the implosion of a 14-story apartment building in New Orleans in Jan.
It will replace the aging Data Encryption Standard, which NIST adopted in 1977 as a Federal Information Processing Standard used by federal agencies to protect sensitive, unclassified information.
NIST is delighted that security companies such as Tenable are including National Vulnerability Database (NVD) Common Vulnerable Scoring System (CVSS) scores within their products.
So far, the NIST team has built, on a lilliputian scale, the part of an atomic clock that accepts a high-frequency oscillation from another part of the clock and compares it to a natural electromagnetic frequency of atoms of a specific element.
In the NIST high-power, continuous-wave (CW) laser detector calibration laboratory, K-series calorimeters are used as primary standards for the absolute calibration of laser power and energy meters spanning a laser power range of 5 W to 1000 W with a cumulative energy input of 0.