NIST SRMNational Institute for Standards and Technology Standard Reference Material
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The recent release of a new generation of standardized 25-OH Vitamin D immunoassays, which are aligned to the NIST SRM 2972, leaves a perception that these assays show improved analytical performance.
The three major sequential stages for establishing a NIST SRM [24] are 1) planning and research;
tested against the NIST SRM, not the person from whom the blood was
Most studies of the mutagenicity of DEPs have been conducted using NIST SRMs (SRM 1650 or SRM 2975) in Salmonella (Hughes et al.
date to depletion Current source SRMs SRM 370 Out, replaced by IRM 91a NIST SRM 371 Out NIST SRM 372 Out NIST SRM 376 Out NIST SRM 378 out NIST SRM 382 Out NIST SRM 383 2000+ NIST RM 8384 Out NIST IRMs IRM 001a Out IRM 002b Unknown Ak.
Leber, Evaluation of Thermal Insulation Materials for NIST SRM 1450d, Fibrous-Glass Board, Thermal Conductivity 30/Thermal Expansion 18, D.
We obtained the GC-IDMS cholesterol target values for SRM 1951b and SRM 909b from the NIST SRM Certificates of Analysis (4, 5).
Nonetheless, the homogenization protocol was validated against NIST SRM 1400 bone ash.
Sections 2 to 5 include discussions of the NIST SRM Standard Bullets and Cartridge Cases, the NIST 2D and 3D topography measurement system, and an overview of the NBIC Project.
Because of the limited volumes of the NIST SRM materials, measurements were done according to a reduced CLSI EP 5 protocol, i.
External standardization for Pb was via the NIST SRM 981 isotopic standard and a certified Spex Pb standard (Spex Industries Incorporated, Edison, NJ) that had been independently isotopically characterized via thermal ionization mass spectrometry.