NIST SRMsNational Institute of Standards and Technology Standard Reference Materials
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Likewise, carbon black has been shown to enhance allergen-specific IgE production in mice to similar levels seen with exposure to NIST SRM 1650 DEPs (Lovik et al.
In a broader context, NIST SRMs 1450-1450d have been summarized as part of a review of reference materials for thermophysical properties [108-109].
This addendum provides supplementary information on the early history of the NBS measurement program for fibrous glass board, selection of the original source material, conversion of the measurement service to become part of the NIST SRM program, and the resulting impact.
Leber, Evaluation of Thermal Insulation Materials for NIST SRM 1450d, Fibrous-Glass Board, Thermal Conductivity 30/Thermal Expansion 18, D.
Second, there is also the belief that any NIST SRM can be used for microanalysis.
NIST SRMs serve as one mechanism for achieving measurement compatibility based on accuracy (see Fig.
First, there are legal ramifications: a NIST SRM carries with it the full weight and authority of NIST and the U.S.
A NIST SRM is certified on the basis of accuracy; that is, each certified value is the present best estimate of the "true" value and it is not expected to deviate from the "true" value by more than the uncertainty stated on the certificate.
Laboratories are not required to purchase a NIST SRM
controls and run these against the NIST SRM, which in turn makes these
tested against the NIST SRM, not the person from whom the blood was