NISTARNIST Advanced Radiometer
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NASA built the spacecraft, performed on-orbit checkout, and operates the two Earth-facing science instruments--the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Radiometer (NISTAR).
Like Torah niglah and Torah nistar, the revealed and hidden observance of scripture, Freud appeared to despise formal practices and simplistic views of God.
It is acknowledged the subject matter is extensively discussed in the sifrey nistar, the Holy Kabbalah, the study of which I have only recently begun.
(25) According to Berrin, both the pesharim and the rabbinic petira assume that Scripture possesses both the literal (nigleh) and nonliteral (nistar) meanings.
For his pen name, however, he took the Hebrew word nistar, "concealed"--the opposite of mefursam, "known"--the religious and mystical connotations of which deliberately evoked the mystical tradition of the lamed-vovnikes, the Thirty-Six Righteous Men who ensure the continued existence of the world.
from there, an imaging camera and NISTAR will have a continuous, full, sunlit view of the Earth.
A supposedly ignorant young bridegroom turns out to be a modest tzadik nistar (hidden pious one) which Wineman's commentary links to the lamed vav tzadikim, the 36 righteous ones of the earth, while his bride turns out to be a celestial bride, the equivalent of the Shekhinah.
The head of the BISP and the prime minister's special assistant on social protection and poverty alleviation Dr Sania Nistar said, 'This programme will be launched at approximately above hundred districts and Rupees 42.65 billion has been allocated for this programme.'
The VC hoped that other departments of Nistar Medical University would follow foot steps of Gynecology department.
Sunayna, currently deployed for a mission-based deployment in the Gulf of Aden, was pressed into action to evacuate the 38 Indian nationals stranded on the Yemeni Island, as part of Operation NISTAR earlier in the day.