NISWNational Institute for Social Work
NISWNational Inclusive Schools Week
NISWNHS (National Health Service) Innovations South West (est. 2004; UK)
NISWNewman Institute for Social Work (Kigoma, Tanzania)
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Figure 12 shows the typical frequency stability of three links: "NIST - USN7", "NISA - NISY", and "NISA - NISW".
In contrast, the instability of the "NISA - NISW" link is only ~ 9 x [10.sup.-15], which only includes the noise from both receivers.
The antennas of the NISA, NISS, NIST, and NISW receivers were located in Zone B.
Note, the NISA and NISW only have data from MJD 56690 on, and the NISS receiver only has data from MJD 56835 on.
Time difference between the NISX time and the NISY time during MJD 56658.000-57133.999 (top) and between the NISW time and the NISY time during MJD 56690.000-57133.999 (bottom), using the RRS method (red curve) and the NRCan PPP 30-days method (black curve).
Time difference between the NISW time and the NISA time during MJD 56690.000 - 57133.999 (blue), and between the NISA time and the NISS time during MJD 56835.000 - 57133.999 (red), using the RRS method.