NITASNational Information Technology Apprenticeship System
NITASNetwork of Independent Travel Agencies (Philippines)
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Further, he had seen her on occasion with Ruth, another schoolgirl, and, still further, Nita, who sold us red-hots at the candy store, was a friend of Ruth.
The National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) is the nation's leading provider of legal advocacy skills training.
Nita: No, solo me parece que usted nunca habia hecho una cosa asi.
Nita: Usted es la unica persona que sabe lo que le he contado.
Nita: Son las que tienen el llavero con el escudo de la universidad.
Nita, sin moverse ni hablar, sigue mirando al suelo.
Nita's book is filled with simple and effective ways to help change negativethinking patterns to supportive, helpful ones by taking responsibility for your emotions.
In her book, Nita outlines ways to make feeling upbeat become a daily priority, the benefits of focusing on things which make you feel good and the power of gratitude.
By taking time to take these small steps, Nita believes lives can be transformed.
Up: Daily Reminders For A More Upbeat Life by Nita Saini is available from Centre Publishing for pounds 5.99.