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NITINOLNickel-Titanium/Naval Ordnance Laboratory (shape memory wire)
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In the early 2000s, Carman's group started looking into making thin-film Nitinol and accidentally stumbled across a way to fabricate what they believed was very high-quality, uniform-composition Nitinol.
The nickel and titanium atoms in nitinol are arranged in two types of crystalline structure, as opposed to one crystalline structure in most other solids.
For the simulation of the nitinol elements behavior and for the study of their effects, we have considered the fracture placed in the dyaphiseal area.
Exhibiting a 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894, APC PTFE Natural Fluoropolymer Mandrels are manufactured using a proprietary process which involves grit-blasting the wire before applying the release coatings in thicknesses from 0.00127mm to 0.020mm onto stainless steel or nitinol wire from 0.127mm to 1.52mm diameter with +/-0.00254mm final diameter tolerances.
Nitinol, if it is stretched before being wrapped around a fractured bone, resists loosening because it remembers its original shape.
* Sharps, needles, close-tolerance hexalobe drivers, Nitinol components
Founded in 2004, Vascotube processes nitinol tubing used in minimally invasive implantable medical devices.
Browse Nitinol Medical Devices Market by Raw Materials (Nitinol Wires, Nitinol Tubing), and Finished Products (Nitinol Stents, Nitinol Guidewires) and Forecast 2017-2021 at
The Motion wire guide's kink-resistant nitinol core and the flexible nitinol tip with hydrophilic coating facilitate the placement of the wire guide in order to establish access.
Featuring a gold, silver, palladium or platinum exterior layer, the core and second layer can include copper, stainless steel, Kovar, niobium, Nitinol, nickel-iron, molybdenum, tantalum, and titanium.
Autosplice (San Diego) has introduced an innovative new latching assembly based around an actuator that uses Nitinol (Nickel Titanium) shape memory wire to drive the latching and unlatching functions.