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NITSNetwork Independent Transport Service
NITSNeighbors in the Strip (Pittsburgh, PA)
NITSNational Institute of Technology, Srinagar (India)
NITSNetwork Integrated Transmission Service (various power utilities)
NITSNational ISDN Technical Subcommittee
NITS[not an acronym] Niteres (Latin: to shine; Candelas Per Meter Squared)
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Non- Kashmiri students requested the human resource ministry to shift them to other NITs, but it was denied.
The post- facto approval of the Cabinet for establishment of NIT, Andhra Pradesh as a society under the Societies Registration Act, 2001 would give a legal entity to NIT, Andhra Pradesh.
He also called upon NITs to complete construction of basic infrastructure including e-classrooms within a specified time frame.
My first trade release was the Mac Slatez Coolhunter series and, now, here comes Nit Boy.
But if we think back, can you remember the rows that took place when nits were discovered?
Remember that actual nits adhere tightly to the hair shaft and are difficult to remove.
Presence of nits does not indicate active infestation, and no evidence that presence of nits correlates with the disease process was found in the literature.
The Nit Kit also comes with a fine-toothed metal Medi-Comb and 5x magnifier to help find and remove lice and nits.
To determine the probability that children with nits alone will become infested with lice, 1,729 children were screened for head lice.
In addition, once a child has been treated and returns to school with only nits, he or she is not contagious unless the nits are left to hatch.