NIWINederlands Instituut voor Wetenschappelijke Informatiediensten
NIWINurse in Washington Internship (Nursing Organizations Alliance)
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In addition to the NIWI advocacy training, participants also met with their state Senators to discuss the Veterans Health Care Staffing Improvement Act (Congress.
The NIWI program provides nurses an introduction to the important area of advocacy (Nursing Organizations Alliance, 2016).
ONS has a limited number of grants available for nurses to attend NIWI.
Candidates should submit a letter stating application for a NIWI grant, required accompanying information listed previously, and a curriculum vitae, plus three additional copies of the materials, to the ONS Health Policy Team, 125 Enterprise Drive, Pitts-burgh, PA 15275-1214 (866-257-4ONS; astone@ons.
As NIWI participants, we all collectively advocated for common nursing issues.
After completing the NIWI program, I immediately applied the information that I obtained to health policy at the state and federal levels.
As a 2015 recipient of the honor to attend the NIWI convention, I can attest to gaining a great deal of knowledge relating to the legislative process, leading to positive political action.
Every NIWI participant graduated from the three-day course with a new appreciation and a better understanding of the importance of advocacy from nurses in the public policy arena.
While at NIWI, she worked with a member of Congress on a bill that would impose stricter regulations on tanning salons.
Grant recipients will receive full registration for NIWI and travel expenses.
Each year, ONS is proud to send the largest delegation of members--more than any other NOA organization--to participate in the NIWI program.