NIWMNational Inventory of War Memorials (UK)
NIWMNational Iranian Water Museum
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Within the literature review of the case study they state that if the MWM application is painful, an alternative painless angle of mobilization is utilised Vicenzino & After the first treatment session causing an Wright, 1995 exacerbation of pain, the patient was encouraged to perform the gripping action well below their pain threshold during the MWM Backstrom, 2002 Continued directional modification of the imposed glide was applied throughout Rx to achieve a pain free DeSantis & NS Hasson, 2006 Folk, 2001 Constant repositioning of the joint with alteration of the glide, positioning, force, overpressure, and therapist to patient generated movement, abolished the pain Hetherington, NS 1996 Hsieh et al., NS 2002 Note: NIWM = mobilization with movement; NS = not stated.