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NIXIETorpedo Countermeasures System
NIXIENumerical Indicator Experimental
NIXIENuove Idee X Internettiani Elettromaniaci (Italian business)
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"The Nixie tubes only display numbers so there's not much you can do with them other than make clocks.
Nixie and other students attended the launch of the country's first children's newspaper, Berani, at the Culture and Tourism Ministry on Saturday.
Hablo con el rey de las nixies, que vivia en un enorme palacio de cristal bajo un tranquilo lago en lo mas profundo del bosque, para que le diese su bendicion y pudiera marcharse con el y casarse.
Each was a "one-channel" analyzer, with nixie lights going around in a circle--sort of like Dr.
For Retros ( Nixie Tube Clock pounds 200, call 0114 256 9590
Nixie Kye gave a solid rock show, while highly fancied Degrassi gave their usual energetic set.
The chance to explore the beautiful village of Valldemossa nestled in the Tramuntana mountains of Majorca and,in particular, theCosta Nord Centre ``where Michael Douglas will take you on a journey aboard the Nixie Steam Ship''.
In fact, the accounts of Madame d'Aulnoy (c.1650-1705), of a beastly pig prince, a magical dolphin, and a cross-dressing heroine; Mme de Murat's adventures of a dowry-less princess; and Jean de Mailly's (d.1726) excursion into a nixie's watery realm and his exploration of the help given by a magic snake are all edited versions of Straparola tales, not to mention Perrault's 'Puss in Boots' which faithfully follows the sixteenth-century French translation of Straparola's 'Costantine Fortune'.
Operator consoles were typically equipped with nixie tube readouts that displayed programmed distance and distance-to-go data for each machine axis.
What's more, the gone-away or nixie rate is quite low.
nix or nixie or nixyGerman Nix;nixiefrom German Nixe, feminine of Nix