NJAESNew Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
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The entries included commercial cultivars and experimental selections supplied by several turfgrass seed companies, as well as, experimental selections developed at the NJAES.
Additionally, 72 single-plant progenies from two families from the same unselected NJAES gene pool of plants utilized in the original experiment in 2000 were included in the 2001 experiment.
The plants collected from near the Rutgers University Golf Course appeared quite distinct from plants in the NJAES breeding population and contained a Neotyphodium endophyte.
Various populations from the NJAES breeding program served as donor pollen sources.
Plants of Warren's A20-6A and selections from old turfs collected and evaluated by the NJAES breeding program were transferred from spaced-plant nurseries to a greenhouse located on the Cook College Campus of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, during the late winter of 1984.
These 12 plants were selected from progeny trials of PST entries 2ROR; 2P2, which was developed into `Prelude II'; 2FF, which was developed into `Passport'; and experimental selections from the NJAES breeding program designated SPL.
The germplasm collection, evaluation, and breeding program that led to the development of Citation III was initiated by the NJAES of Rutgers University in 1962.