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NJALANew Jersey Association of Library Assistants
NJALANew Jersey Association of Legal Administrators (Secaucus, NJ)
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This contribution has been made possible through the combined effort of IOM, MOHS, USAID, Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN) CoMAHS, Njala University and other partners.
The adaptive research trials were carried out at Njala University Fish Farm, Sierra Leone (Figure 1).
She continued Lay's rainwater harvesting work and successfully coordinated with locals and Njala University to install a rainwater harvesting system at a second primary school.
Njala Ngiema, a mud-brick community of rice and cassava farmers deep in the forest, is quiet now.
Author affiliations: Njala University, Bo, Sierra Leone (R.
As in Njala, the use of legalities in Eyrbyggja saga adds to the legally steeped tone of the saga overall, making more vivid the atmosphere of the dramatized world--a world in which the law pervades every action, even to the extent that it seems natural that ghosts should be dealt with in a similar way to living offenders, or that they too should acknowledge when they have gone beyond the borders of the legal and should recognize and respect the law.
author of Njala, for example, characterizes Bergthora as drengr gothr (a good drengr, 12.
NYSLAA has more than 500 members while NJALA membership exceeds
Department of Agricultural Economics, Njala University College.
There are, however, many examples of interventions that successfully have dealt with these and other issues including the Nutrition Education ACRE Project in Njala, designed to teach teachers the relationship between malnutrition and academic performance and how to spot early problems in children, and PLAN International, in Sierra Leone, which attempts to minimize problems associated with inappropriate use of water and poor sanitation.
Another investigator at Tulane University is receiving funding to assess the research training needs of Sierra Leones Njala University, which graduates a substantial number of allied health workers.
Quality analyses were conducted at the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Njala University, Njala Campus.