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Njama and Kariuki were both consistent in their accounts to view the term "Mau Mau" as "the White man's name for the movement" and both held that the term was never used by Africans and never accepted by Africans.
Njama's supper: The consumption and use of literary potency by Mau Mau insurgents in colonial Kenya.
Barnett and Karari Njama, Mau Mau From Within (New York, 1966), 77-78; KNA KBU/42/Annual Report, 1951, 23; KNA FH/32/Annual Report, 1952, 12, 14.
Njama, Mau May from Within, (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1966), pp.
Mugi Njama says tea farmers also want to get subsidies, as do sugarcane and maize farmers to increase production and cushion them from the high prices of inputs.
class="MsoNormalIn a case filed at the High Court on Monday, Mr Njama Wambugu accused the Commissioner-General of using his office to frustrate him following a shareholding dispute at Space and Style company.
For an essential account of the struggle of the Land and Freedom Armies and of the British campaign against them see Donald Barnett and Karari Njama, Mau Mau from Within (New York, 1966).
class="MsoNormalForest officers led by Corporal Ephrahim Kinyua Karimi, Oliver Ntwiga Kinyua, Sergeant Elijah Njama Ndirangu and Samuel Kilika Kamau went to the scene and confirmed the content in the bag was the body of a child.
Others are Mamo Umuro, Peter Gachenge, Julius Nyamohanga Rioba, Stephen Matibu Njama, Abdulatif Ali and Kipkerich Chumo Koskei.
Beatrice Njama's life took a sudden turn for the worse when her hand was amputated following a grisly road accident in 2004.