NJAMHANew Jersey Association of Mental Health Agencies
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The IT Project, a part of NJAMHA that offers the Benchmarking Initiative and many other services, is starting discussions to bring the initiative to the state's community of providers for individuals with developmental disabilities.
As soon as I presented the concept of the Internet as a technology for NJAMHA to embrace and use, I recommended assigning two members of the MIS staff to further gauge its potential by examining their own work experiences and by conducting research via trade publications and the Internet itself.
Both Sinnott and I recognized that because NJAMHA is such a small organization with a staff of 10 and no internal hierarchy, its ability to act as a small entrepreneurial start-up, certainly in this case, was greatly enhanced.
The association maintained a heightened level of interest in the Web site project by including articles in two of the association newsletters, NJAMHA News Journal Assisting Mental Health Agencies and Bits & Bytes.
However, to meet their needs, he has developed inexpensive sites for many of our agencies, thus creating a revenue stream for NJAMHA.
In the early stages of Web development, the association carried out a dual plan that combined the design and programming of the new NJAMHA Web site with a new training service, which was offered at no charge to members.
the opportunity to list their organization on the NJAMHA Web site;
Now NJAMHA can send out a legislative alert via e-mail to its members regarding an important legislative issue.