NJCRACNational Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council
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In hindsight, that 1966/67 NJCRAC proclamation would have served better by simply referring to a need to help repair-and avoid the consequences of-the centuries-old gap between the American Idea and the black American reality.
As early as the 1975/76 NJCRAC report, scarcely a decade after the rationale for an expanded agenda, the Anti-Defamation League abstained from some of the proposed remedies for a spate of economic and social ills, noting mildly that while it appreciated the "deep social awareness" exhibited, "several of these concerns are outside the scope of [NJCRAC's] charter.
Epstein, National Director of the ADL, quoted in Naomi Levine, Executive Director Designate, American Jewish Congress, "Affirmative Action, Preferential Treatments and Quotas: Papers from the Plenary Session, NJCRAC, June 28-July 2, 1972, Los Angeles," New York, 6, Klau Library, Cincinnati.