NJDNew Jersey Devils
NJDNederlands Juridisch Dagblad (Dutch: Netherlands Law News; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
NJDNederlandse Jazz Dienst (Dutch: Dutch Jazz Service)
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DerKinderen DJ, Koten JW, Nagelkerke NJD, Tan KE, Beener FA, Den Otter W.
Understanding Indigestion And Ulcers by Professor CJ Hawkey and Dr NJD Wight is published by Family Doctor Publications, priced pounds 2.
Leeds-based Plus Market-listed, venture capital group NJD Capital has put pounds 21,000 into the venture and in return has received a 6.
de Boer AS, Borgdorff MW, de Haas PE, Nagelkerke NJD, van Embden JDA, van Soolingen D.
Tenders are invited for Attending Major/ HT faults in EI in various TEs under ESD-2, Mysore SSA for 2016-17 B-Check Oil servicing/ One time repairs of Engines at HOOGYAM, NJD PURA & KOLIPALYA, BISILWADI No AMC sites