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NJDCNational Jewish Democratic Council
NJDCNational Juvenile Defender Center
NJDCNational Junior Disability Championship (est. 1984)
NJDCNew Jersey District Council (Assemblies of God; Burlington, NJ)
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If not, NJDC will utilize the insurance provided by the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).
NJDC staff is responsible for transportation of residents out of the facility.
Senator Paul's misguided views on aid to Israel are plain wrong and do not reflect the myriad benefits that come from American assistance to Israel," NJDC President David Harris said in the statement.
Adelson had threatened litigation against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the NJDC last week, when both organizations repeated allegations that the casino magnate condoned prostitution at his resort in Macau.
Adelson sues NJDC [JTA] Drop Silly Defamation Suit, Shelly [Forward] DCCC Apologizes to Adelson [WaPo]
Since its inception in 1984, NJDC has provided an opportunity for countless top young athletes aged 7-21 to compete for medals in different athletic events.
Over its rich history, NJDC has taken place in some of the nation's largest cities, from New Jersey to Washington state to Pennsylvania.
The NJDC further noted: "Youth in Florida's courts were also typically shackled together in a group" and observers witnessed youth chained to "furniture, doors, or other fixed structures.
080 21-0-1; In response to the NJDC recommendations,
100 12-11-1 Amended to conform to the NJDC report by
I wish that their leadership had found some way out of this," NJDC President David Harris told me yesterday.
The NJDC also touted Prime Minister Netanyahu's praise for Obama's important intervention in the embassy riot last weekend.