NJDWQINew Jersey Drinking Water Quality Institute
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EPA 2016b, 2016a) and DWQS differ between New Jersey (NJDWQI 2016) and Vermont (VTDOH 2016) in part because of key differences in the values used to calculate these standards (Table 3).
NJDWQI (New Jersey Drinking Water Quality Institute).
Agency Advisory or RfD DWI/BW RSC standard (ng/L) (mg/kg - day) (L/kg - day) USEPA 70 2.E-05 0.054 0.2 NJDWQI 14 2.E-06 0.029 0.2 VTDOH 20 2.E-05 0.175 0.2 Agency Toxicological end point Reference USEPA delay in phalanges U.S.