NJEANew Jersey Education Association
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Using published research, contemporaneous media accounts, and the NJEA's own publications to ascertain the facts, this study details the deliberate exploitation of New Jersey's political system and the resulting consequences--to the benefit of the NJEA and the detriment of New Jerseyans.
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He has made ample use of the bully pulpit, pointing out that the NJEA collects $126 million a year in dues from its teachers.
As shown in Parts I-IV, that has certainly been true in New Jersey, where its most powerful special interest, the NJEA, has used its unmatched political clout for decades to push for ever-higher government spending, budget-busting pension and health benefits for its members, and the higher taxes it takes to pay for them.
Indeed, the NJEA has confirmed that one of its main goals in local district politics is "making maintenance and improvement of quality schools the first school board priority rather than control of the tax rate.
The NJEA now wants to pass a constitutional amendment that would stick Newjersey taxpayers with the $95 billion consequences of the failed pension system.
A lot of people who make decisions about public schools have not been in a public school as adults," says Wanda Swanson, the program's executive producer and NJEA member.
Most [ESPs'] job descriptions today don't identify their worth as employees," says Vickie Hendrickson, an NJEA UniServ representative who makes presentations based on an NEA program addressing ROJD.
And, as NJEA points out, the changes don't make these jobs very attractive.