NJGANew Jersey Geographic Alliance (education)
NJGANew Jersey Guaranty Association (Basking Ridge, NJ)
NJGANorthumberland Junior Golf Association (Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK)
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While Chris Robinson has been a golf manager and writer, public relations officer for several major golf companies, and broadcaster with 10 years service as golf correspondent for the then Metro Radio, the real monument to his achievements is being founder of the NJGA.
He helped with an emergency fundraising drive by the NJGA last year.
Surprisingly, given there are 18,841 golf club members in Northumberland, and that the NJGA are the only body of their kind in the country who get no financial support from the main county body, 800 of the 2,000 raffle tickets remain unsold.
Ferrie, a double European Tour winner from Ashington who got some of his grounding in the game through the NJGA, has career winnings in excess of pounds 3m.
In its own field of expertise the NJGA is every bit as much of an institution as Match of the Day and it began in the same year as the football show, 1964.
It would take not only the Teeing Off column but also the rest of The Journal to name everybody who has contributed to the NJGA in its 44-year history and fully explain all they have done for golf.
Porteous said last night: "The NJGA have been a big help in funding me to play in national events and putting my name forward.
He also won the NJGA Spring Meeting at Seahouses with a 69.
The NJGA was founded by Chris Robinson, a member at City of Newcastle and formerly at his home town club of Hexham and Ponteland.
The NJGA do great work, but their committee are begging for help because there are no younger guys coming along behind them to help ease the workload.
The NJGA boasts over 4,000 patrons who pay pounds 2 a year ( and they make up the rest through the hard grind of fund-raising.
Evenings like this make you realise how much the NJGA do for all youngsters," said Curry senior.