NJINational Judicial Institute (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
NJINederlands Jeugd Instituut (Dutch: Netherlands Youth Institute)
NJINew Jubilee Insurance Company Limited (Karachi, Pakistan)
NJINational Jewelry Institute (Pittsburgh, PA)
NJINeighborhood Jobs Initiative
NJINew Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis
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The NJI employs good adult education pedagogy in designing and delivering its courses.
En la parte central del texto Cuervo desarrolla el enfoque y conceptualizacion de las NJI, remontando su origen a Australia en el ano 1970; el concepto utilizado en ese contexto es amplio e involucra a la justicia formal e informal.
Significant shareholders of NJI comprise Aga Khan Development Network (50%), including Habib Bank Limited, and Hashoo group (16%).
1994), the Eighth Circuit reversed the District Court for the District of Nebraska, holding that the Court's decision in Victor required reversal of the decision of the district court, which had held the Nebraska reasonable doubt jury instruction NJI 14.
NJI has maintained its position as the third largest private sector company in the general insurance market with a growing market share, which stood at 12.
Established in 1953, NJI is one of the most reputable and brightest names in the insurance sector.
6 NJI Life###5,802,439###5,451,804###1,661,786###1,680,724###364,562
Terrabiz is managing the conference as the strategic partner while NJI Life insurance is the platinum sponsor of this event.
In 2003, NJI became the first Pakistani insurance company to acquire a foreign company when it took over the Pakistan operations of Commercial General Union.
26 January 2010 - Pakistani JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company said it reaffirmed the AA insurer financial strength rating on local life insurer New Jubilee Insurance Company Ltd (KAR:NJLIC), or NJI.
Stiefel (a GSK company) is the other major corporate sponsor of the event, which is also supported by MCB, NJI Life and Tapal, the announcement added.