NJITNew Jersey Institute of Technology
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For the first time, we can see their twisting motion in great detail and watch how it evolves," said Haimin Wang, distinguished professor of physics at NJIT and the study's lead author.
The agreement between NJIT and GZA's Fairfield, New Jersey office includes an endowed scholarship for students from Essex County who major in engineering or environmental sciences, summer internships, and job opportunities for graduates.
Caption: Staff at Universal Concrete extended NJIT student's knowledge of precast concrete by giving them an educational plant tour.
Developing organic solar cells from polymers is less expensive and simpler than using conventional means of harnessing renewable energy, such as wind or hydroelectric plants, NJIT points out.
Erv Bales, professor in the NJIT School of Architecture and a research consultant to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, founded his school's certificate program in sustainable design in autumn 2003.
Elizabeth Avery Gomez, who received her doctorate this spring from NJIT on this subject, advocates teaching everyone text messaging as the "lowest common denominator" of crisis communication.
According to Taurus, the NJIT system will allow each firearm to be programmed so pre-authorized users will be able to instantly operate the firearm.
The claim by NJIT that it was the legitimate owner of Medjet's eye surgery patent has been rejected.
The innovative, patented technique was created at the NJIT Center for Environmental Engineering and Science (CEES) and Hazardous Substance Management Research Center (HSMRC) by John Schuring and Paul Chan of NJIT.
an introduction to computer science at NJIT; and an upper-level introductory course in statistics for engineers at NJIT (Math 305, Statistics for Technology).
Donald Sebastian, Executive Director of the Center for Manufacturing Systems (CMS) at NJIT, and Dr.