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NJPSNational Jewish Population Survey
NJPSNew Jewish Publication Society (Bible version)
NJPSNew Jersey Paleontological Society
NJPSNew Jersey Powerslop (band)
NJPSNew Jersey Poetry Society
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One sample was the Coast Guard's non-DUI alcohol-related NJPs and DUIs from 2007 to 2013.
Bom out of the same need, NJPs and SCMs are very similar in terms of purpose, procedure, and punishment level.
As the Hartmans acknowledge, the NJPS of 2000-2001 was the target of criticism for a variety of reasons.
But why My life in the NJPS? While still following the masoretic reading of nafshi (first person) but not accepting Rashi's My name and unable to impugn a "soul" to God, the NJPS compromised with a clumsy My life.
The central control of it is with the Deputy Commandant of CSIF and one channel is in my office so that we can keep an eye on all the people coming here," says N C Bansal, General Manager of NJPS.
NJPS is fresh, avoiding "Bible English," and aspires to being "in the spirit of Saadia" Gaon (882-942) whose vernacular version conveyed the meaning rather than the letter of the MT.
The data is consonant with other research conducted on the NJPS base and conclusions drawn by lay and professional community leaders and policy makers observing trends in the American Jewish community.
Gender not at issue in the Hebrew text - NJPS rendered in masculine terms:
NJPS provides power to Uttrakhand, Jammu and Kashimr, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.
Waxman, a professor of sociology and Jewish studies at Rutgers and one of the more canny observers of American Jewish life, draws on the data from the 1990 NJPS on baby-boomers--Jews between 26 and 44 years of age at the time of the NJPS data collection.
The NJPS translation had already sought a way to represent the text's plain meaning in idiomatic English.
We have generated 114 crore units power in the month of July in comparison to any other projects across country," said N C Bansal, General Manager of NJPS.