NJUSNome Joint Utility System (Alaska)
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Tanick is an attorney with the Twin Cities law firm of Meyer Njus Tanick.
WKC Building Committee CoChair John Njus commented at Ground Breaking:
The Willamette Week is owned by the City of Roses Newspaper Company, local to Portland (Njus, 2012).
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The correspondence hypothesis, however, has also received considerable support: Empirical evidence suggests that attachment to God is positively correlated with adult attachment (e.g., Beck & McDonald, 2004; Fergus & Rowatt, 2014; Granqvist, Mikulincer, Gewirtz, & Shaver, 2012; Njus, Okerstrom, & Stuart, 2012) and attachment to parents (McDonald, Beck, Allison, & Norsworthy, 2005; Sim & Yow, 2011).
God attachment anxiety is positively correlated with a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder called scrupulosity (Fergus & Rowatt, 2014) and also with neuroticism and negative affect, while it is negatively related to positive affect (Rowatt & Kirkpatrick, 2002), self-esteem (Freeze & DiTommaso, 2015; Kezdy, Martos, & Robu, 2013; Njus, Bane, & Delikowski, 2010; Zahl & Gibson, 2012), and self-acceptance (Freeze & DiTommaso, 2015).
External locus of control, perceived control by external agencies, is associated with negative outcomes such as helplessness or depression (e.g., Njus and Brockway, 1999).
In addition, Okerstrom and Njus (2014) recently presented findings on the moral foundations questionnaire for Atheists, Agnostics, high intrinsic Theists, and low intrinsic Theists similar to those obtained in the current work.
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