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NK2Neurokinin Receptor 2
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Related to Bivalvia, in Crassostrea gigas, six NK genes (NK3, Tlx, NK6, Hmx, Lbx, and NK2) have been recently identified by Zhang et al.
Se utilizo un diseno factorial completamente al azar de 4 cultivares (cvs) (Terragina, Gucci, Pacific y Codigo Rojo) X 4 relaciones N/K (NK1: 1,16; NK2: 0,75; NK3: 0,55; y NK4: 0,45) con tres repeticiones de ocho plantas cada una.
N1ICD and RBP-J[kappa] form a complex that initiates and upregulates NK2 homeobox 5 in cardiac progenitor cells to promote the formation of cycling myocytes (Figure 3) (6).
Longmore et al., "Synthesis and NK2 antagonist effect of 1, 6-diphenyl-pyrazolo[3, 4-d]thiazolo[3, 2-a]-4H-pyrimidin-4-one," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol.
Certaines etudes ont demontre la presence de recepteurs de NK2 dans le detrusor qui peuvent jouer un role dans l'HAV[sup.62].
Its NK2 Double is a two-ply, fold-up door that can be made in sizes of up to 28-m wide by 25-m high (92-ft x 82-ft), while its NK4 Warm adds a further two insulation layers to the basic structure to provide additional defenses against external cold.
Ejerce su accion a traves de tres receptores de la familia de la proteina G, denominados NK1, NK2 y NK3.
Las celulas de NK inmaduras o NK2 producen IL-5 e IL-13.
Tasikininler, mononukleer hucre ve granulositleri de iceren cesitli hedef hucrelerde bulunan 3G protein, NK1, NK2 ve NK3'u etkilerler.
Sequence alignments (tBlastn) using homeodomains of proteins belonging to NK2, NK3, NK4, NK5, NK6, NK7, Msx, Hex, and Tlx families were derived from Lottia gigantea, Branchiostoma floridae, and Ciona intestinalis genome contigs available at http://genome.jgi-psf.org/ and from Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster genomes at WormBase (http://www.wormbase.org/) and FlyBase (http://www.flybase.org/), respectively.
International TV sales so far include the BBC, Japan's NHK, Finland, the Netherlands and France's NK2.