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NKANational Key Account
NKANo Known Allergies
NKANeurokinin A (biochemistry)
NKANemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram (Hungarian: National Cultural Fund)
NKANational Karate Association (various locations)
NKANow Known As
NKANo Known Address
NKANorth Korean Army
NKANo Kids Allowed
NKANever Known As
NKANational Karate Academies (Australia)
NKANoob Killing Army (gaming clan)
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To examine the expression profiles of nka and nkcc, whole amphioxus and the different tissues including the gill, hindgut, hepatic caecum, notochord, muscle, and skin dissected out of amphioxus were homogenized in Trizol Reagent (Invitrogen) and stored at -80[degrees]C until use.
NKA advises organisations including the Wilton-headquartered Centre for Process Innovation and Careline Lifestyles, one of the UK's leading providers of specialist care, on strategic communications.
Biz de, anksiyoz ve irritabl mizac ozelliklerinin NKA hasta grubunda daha belirgin oldugu gozleminden hareketle, acil poliklinigine gogus agrisi yakinmasiyla basvuran NKA ve akut koroner sendrom hastalarinin mizac ozelliklerini karsilastirmayi amacladik.
In our study, the changes in gill NKA activity and CC size were investigated through the gradual and direct transfer of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trout (Salmo trutta forma fario) from FW to SW (36.5 g.l-1).
We identified significant SNP--NKA associations and investigated the potential impact of these SNPs along with personal and workplace factors on NKA levels using a multiple linear regression model and the Pratt index.
Like most euryhaline teleost species, Siganus rivulatus tolerates a wide range of salinities by modifying the activity and/or expression of gill NKA (32), (34-39).
"The campaign will be focusing on 3 key continents - Central America, Asia and Europe," said NKA Campaign Creator, Nagey Kastoun.
The new NatureFlex NKA and NKR grades are the first clear high barrier compostable films to be made from renewable resources in the U.S.
Of great interest is the identification of a family of endogenous mammalian compounds, the digoxin-like immunoreactive factors (DLFs) (8-13) and ouabain-like factors, which are secreted by the adrenal cortical glands and are believed to constitute a hormonal axis regulating the activity of NKA (8, 9,14).
Was Nka a transition point between your devotion to your writing and your work as a curator?