NKCLNatural Killer Cell Lymphoma
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Leukocytes were collected and mitotically arrested by colchicine (1 [micro]g/mL), prior to suspension in hypotonic 0.075 NKCl. The suspension was then centrifuged and resuspended in Carnoy fixative solution (3: 1 methanol: acetic acid solution) and then dropped onto glass slides.
Taiwanese aboriginals differ from the Han people in many aspects, and so their food, clothes, residence, transport, education and music are all emphasized in the curriculum (Editorial Board of Textbook Committee of the NKCL, 2004f, p.
The aboriginal songs in the textbooks can be sung, but not much background information is taught to give an understanding of the musical ideas or characteristics (see various issues published by the editorial boards of the textbook committee of the NKCL and KHEPG).