NKHRANorthern Kentucky Human Resources Association (Erlanger, KY)
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The NKHRA of 2008 also makes it a goal for the United States to take a more proactive approach to solve the North Korean refugee problem and to "process North Korean refugees overseas for resettlement in the United States, through a persistent diplomacy by senior officials of the United States," and to expedite the "screening, processing, and resettlement" of North Korean refugees.
Under the NKHRA, Congress authorized $2 million annually to promote freedom of information programs for North Koreans.
Reauthorization Act) to renew the NKHRA for the years 2009-2012, on the
of the NKHRA's annual budget should also be pledged to the
NKHRA, while well-intended, has made little progress in resettling North
Part III will explain why it is crucial for the NKHRA or any future
Part IV will point out the NKHRA's shortcomings as well as the
(186.) NKHRA, supra note 176, [section] 302(a); see supra text accompanying notes 177-78 and 182-85.
Some hail the NKHRA as an important message that human rights will play a central role in the formulation of U.S.
While the passage of the NKHRA raised the profile of congressional interest in North Korean human rights and refugee issues, many of the activities had existing authorizations already in place.
The State Department has not requested funding explicitly under the NKHRA, but officials assert that the mission of the NKHRA is fulfilled under a number of existing programs.
The NKHRA appears to have had the greatest impact in the area of refugee admissions.