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Adamov, ed., Evropeiskie derzhavy i Gretsia v epokhy Mirovoi voiny [European Powers and Greece in the Epoch of the World War] (Moscow: NKID, 1922), 90, 240, VI; E.
(Russian Military-Diplomatic Correspondence, 1914-1917)] Krasnii Arkhiv (Moscow: NKID, 1928), vol.
(61) The NKID Press Office worked assiduously to shape coverage of events.
Underlined below is the name "Brodowski." (68) The cache of documents from the Russian Foreign Ministry reveals that "Brodowski" was the NKID's main man in Khar'kov, S.
That Sunday, there was an NKID reception for foreign journalists at the mansion on Spiridonovka.
One of the NKID documents, dated 29 March 1933, is a letter from S.
In actual fact he is just an ordinary citizen, calls himself Lloyd George's secretary, and, apparently at the latter's bidding, requests a visa, and you at the diplomatic mission, without checking up at all, insist the NKID jump into action to satisfy this request.
The NKID Press Department seemed willing to go to considerable lengths to win over Muggeridge too.
(97) The other letter of the same date is to Shenshev, the NKID agent in Kiev:
Foreign policy based on communist ideology may have been the position of the Politburo and the Comintern in the 1920s, but in no way did this apply to the NKID, which made "calculations based on realpolitik, according to Machiavelli, not Marx" (309).
The story Carley tells is at times frustrating to read, given the constant failure of the NKID and its Western counterparts to reach an equitable agreement.