NKLANo Kill Los Angeles (animals; Los Angeles, CA)
NKLANeighborhood Knowledge Los Angeles (Project)
NKLANatasha Kern Literary Agency (Portland, OR)
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NKLA presents housing and property data in a bilingual (English-Spanish), user-friendly format delivered through online maps and tables (Figure 1).
Building on the "asset mapping" model popularizing by Kretzmann and McKnight (1993), NKLA staff produced a new spin-off program called "Interactive Mapping in Los Angeles" or "IAMLA," aimed at highlighting the wealth of social and cultural assets in several neighborhoods.
From 2000 to 2003, several related projects spun off from NKLA.
As we learned with NKLA, agencies such as the Housing Department of the city of Los Angeles often have difficulty obtaining current, easy-to-use demographic and housing information.
The NKLA, GNOCDC, and Urban Strategies Council are all part of a network of projects organized by the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP).
I would like to extend my appreciation to my former colleagues at UCLA, our community partners, and the users of the NKCA and NKLA Web sites.